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Even startups on tight budgets can maximize their marketing impact – TechCrunch

Dominik Angerer Contributor Dominik Angerer is CEO and co-founder of headless CMS Storyblok, which provides best practice guidance for startups on how to build a sustainable approach to marketing their content. Search engine optimization, PR, paid marketing, emails, social — marketing and communications is crowded with techniques, channels, solutions and acronyms. It’s little wonder that many startups strapped for time and… Source link

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Is SEO Worth it in 2021? 5 Tips to Grow Your Business on a Tight Budget

Every small business owner strives to expand their customer base to generate more revenue. However, growing a small business is no easy feat. There are many aspects to consider, most of which require significant funding. With the current technological evolution, many SMEs and even large companies are looking to the digital market for growth.  Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing strategies for reaching more prospects and customers. However, the increase in demand for digital… Source link

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Tight Slice SEO: The Keys To Local Digital Marketing – Press Release

Everyone is talking about it, but what is Digital Marketing? If you’ve been anywhere online for the last few years it’s hard not to pick up the word Digital Marketing floating around there. Becoming a beloved buzzword for anyone trying to polish their image as an expert, but what is Digital Marketing? Find out on https://www.tightslice.com Digital Marketing is the collective term of all marketing in the digital space. Simply put it’s not something new and complicated, but rather… Source link

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